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August 01, 2016
Placed under construction. Currently designing the new look and feel of the website.
June 18, 2016
We have upgraded our cloud based storage for all our clients. You now have another 100GB free of charge.
January 22, 2016
Client log-in will be temporarily offline while server upgrades are being performed. All services will still be online and functional.

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In the ever-changing business world where growth and profit margins are at a premium, it is critical that your information technology is leveraged to provide high efficiency and utmost reliability. It is this belief and proactive approach that has driven the success at 1TekPro since our inception in 2005.

Our clients come from a vast cross section of the business world, including manufacturing, law enforcement, education, finance, medical, non-profit, religious, and transportation fields. 1TekPro has supported and improved the technology at over 200 companies enabling them to better focus on their core business.

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  • Always Moving Forward:

    Technical progress doesn’t stand still and picks up steam every year. The most innovative technologies are developed and put on the market.
  • Doing it the right way:

    To keep your IT infustrastructure running as designed, 1TekPro can provide end-to-end support from updates and security to network design and upgrades.
  • Our services:

    The complete information regarding our services you will find on the "Services" page.